Monday, December 5, 2011

Church n' Stuff

Last Friday we (Lillian and I) walked to the library, Whole Foods, and CVS and then just hung out back at the apartment.

Saturday was much more eventful! We started off heading to Newbury Street,

which I overheard someone compare to "Beverly Hills' Rodeo Drive" hmmm Sorry, but no. It's a very nice street with nice shopping, but reminds me a little more of 3rd Street than Rodeo. 

Anyway, we went to get my birthday present:

Yup, the price is $179!! Anyone who knows me understands how hard it was for me to hand my credit card over to the cashier to pay. Reasons I purchased this Patagonia Jacket 
A) It's a kid's size so cost about $150 less than the women's version!
Even the kid's size goes past my knees... thankful I am small.
B) Windproof and tear- and water-resistant
B) Quilted high-loft 600-fill power premium European goose down (sounds like a 
description for a car engine or something, but I like it!)

It has already proved itself valuable! 

After getting my new coat, we went shopping at Trader Joes and then headed back to the apartment for lunch and a nap... yup we all took naps :)

After we woke up and rubbed our eyes, Lillian and I showed Sam the park at the Boston Common.

Lillian had a blast showing her Daddy her new playground.

It was really COLD, but Lillian was upset when we told her we had to go home.

Hard to tell, but that's the ice skating rink right across from the playground and it was PACKED!

This city has a LOT of Christmas Trees all over... this is just one located in Boston Common. 

After our park adventure we went into Macy's to look for jackets/coats for Sam... odd it wasn't his birthday :) Despite it NOT being his birthday, he did need some good coats so we ended up spending almost $200 more for a pea coat and a puffer coat... yes this is a lot of money, but if we had paid full price it would have been closer to $500! Thank you Macy's Sale and friends and family extra 25% off. 

Sunday morning arrived bright and early and I attempted to get us all ready and out the door by around 8 am since we were traveling to a new city. We ended up leaving around 8:15 and took the Red Line to Somerville... well, we had to get off at Harvard since they were doing construction and take a bus the rest of the way, but we arrived in Davis Square with plenty of time. From Davis Square we walked to The Boston Vineyard (no not a winery, but a church) and got to use the cool electronic check-in that our church bank in West LA will be getting soon. The service was nice, but we left both agreeing that it didn't feel "like home." On our walk back to Davis Square we ended up running into Joel, the pastor of Reunion which is another church in Somerville that we are excited to attend next Sunday. Joel, his wife, and daughter were really nice and talked with us for a few minutes even though we could tell they wanted to head home. 

Once we finally arrived back at our apartment I quickly shoved some food into Lillian before she crashed for her nap and Sam went to pick us up some Lasagna and pizza at a place called The Upper Crust- cheesy name?? haha We had a nice "lazy" rest of the day watching movies and trying to get some energy stored away for what was sure to be another busy week in this new city. 

Last update... This morning (Monday) I went to the Mom2Mom group at the Boston Vineyard to connect with some other Christian moms. They had around 30 women attending with a special speaker who shared about Body Image and that God has "fearfully and wonderfully" made us! We broke off into small groups and I was placed into a group with some nice moms who shared some quick stories and we all prayed for each other. One of the moms in the small group had just moved about a month ago from Hong Kong (originally from Australia) and another mom was from St. Thomas! It was nice to meet some transplants :)

After the Mom2Mom group I went to a consignment store and then walked back to Davis Square to begin our journey to our apartment. On our way to Davis Square we walked this cute little trail:

Thankfully, it was a beautiful day with a high of around 60 so I am glad I got to enjoy the outdoors. 

This is Miss Lillian sound asleep as a train quickly approaches. 


View from the train of the Charles River. 

Currently, I am writing this after I put Lillian down for the night. She hasn't been sleeping that well since we arrived in Boston, so keep all of our rest in your prayers! Sam is still at work... yup the long nights have already started. 

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