Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's Getting COLDER!!

     It's now Thursday and getting quite cold! Apparently, it's still not "cold" yet, but in my opinion if you have to wear multiple layers it's cold.

     Tuesday I decided to venture out to the park with Lillian and try and find a playground for her to run around in. We walked to the Boston Common, which apparently is the oldest park in the country, and thanks to some nice Boston City Police Officers we found it without much trouble (it shouldn't be that hard to find 50 acres right??).

     Once we arrived Lillian's little face lit up and she started exploring her new play place.

(notice she is only wearing a track suit and tennis shoes)

     The park is really cute and has these bronze (?) frogs that I guess spit/shoot water out in the summer... pretty sure I was shivering just thinking about it! Lillian kept going back to the frogs and pointing out their eyes, mouth, nose, fingers, etc... much happier to be out of the apartment. 
(red pumps for my little girl)

     Later that day we went to DSW to look for some shoes for me.... Lillian decided to look for some shoes for herself and kept pulling down all the high heels and try to walk in them. A trip that Pre-Lillian would have taken maybe 15 minutes, ended up taking about an hour. Every time I would try on a pair of shoes she would either try to run away or pull another box of shoes down. Yup, I love her.  I was able to get these cute boots to walk around the city with her for an amazing deal: 

     I received a birthday e-mail from DSW for $5 off any shoe purchase, which made my decision to shop at DSW an easy one. I saw these boots and tried them on and wasn't 100%. One hour later I ended up purchasing them for only $27.96 since they were 40% off and I had my $5 off coupon. I also found out that MA has no tax on shoes! 

     Wednesday morning (my birthday) arrives and I am now 27. Awesome... Sam woke up early to get some work done so he could take me to Panera for breakfast. I love the cinnamon crunch bagels! Since it was my birthday and I have a Panera card I also received a FREE pastry :) We then all went back to Sam's work and Lillian "talked" to a few of his co-workers and distracted them from whatever important advertising amazingness they were trying to get done. We went to Sam's work because I wanted him to print off a coupon for me. (I am finding it increasingly annoying to not have all of our "stuff", but keep reminding myself we have FREE rent and are very blessed.) What coupon did he print off? 

How did Victoria's Secret know Nov. 30th was my birthday? After quickly walking in to VS and getting some free underwear (a nice perk to city living- a lot of things are within walking distance) Lillian and I were too late for story time at the library so we went back to the park! 

Can you tell it's getting colder?? 
Oh and she loves her baby and always wants to take it with us now.

     Sam got off work around 6 and we walked to the North End to get some yummy Italian food! This place was amazing and Lillian got to drink Espresso er I mean water out of an Espresso cup... it was so cute and just her size.

(My dates for my birthday dinner!)

We started off with the Boston Bibb (aged balsamic vinegar and candied walnuts) and I ordered the Lasagna Della Casa (Lasagna of the Day) and Sam ordered Ravioli con Aragosta (Lobster ravioli with crab meat sauce).

It looked so pretty before... I did not take an after shot because our plates were almost clean since the sauces were so amazingly yummy. 

     After dinner we walked over to Mike's Pastry around the corner and sadly realizing it was cash only walked out with just one Cannoli... we found out after Lillian went to bed and we shared dessert that one was more than enough! I think Julie recommended this place so THANK YOU Julie :)

     My birthday has come and gone and now it's Thursday and cold! Thanks Boston for not raining on my birthday yesterday, but 41 degrees at the park is brrrr!!! Lillian and I went to the park again, because even though it's cold, it's sunny and I know it's just going to get colder so I want to take advantage of getting outside while we can!

(You can see the layers of clothing progressively getting thicker since Tuesday.)

     Right across from the playground is an ice skating rink and today it looked like a Junior High class or something all came to ice skate! Looked like fun, but not sure a 16 month old who can barely walk in her big puffy jacket would fare very well on the ice. 

     Lillian should be waking up from her nap soon, so I will end this update to our ongoing Boston Adventure... until next time- THINK WARM THOUGHTS FOR US :) 

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