Friday, December 9, 2011

Week 2 Comes to a close (Almost)

Tomorrow night marks the end of our second week in Boston. It honestly still feels like a really long vacation to me with a major downside being I don't see my husband and am freezing every time I go outside. 

Monday I received my rain boots that I ordered from Amazon (Thanks Thom and Tim for the gift cards for my birthday). They came just in time for the rain and they worked beautifully. 

Being stuck inside due to the rain and elevator being out of commission, Lillian decided to explore our apartment:

She thought this drawer in the kitchen was a perfect place to relax.

This window sill quickly has become a fun spot for Lillian to look out at the "peeepl" and "cawrs" down  on the street. 

Yep, when it's raining outside and your mom can't move from a messed up neck, life can get hard :)

Thankfully, we live in a time where Lillian gets to still see her "amma", "anpa", and "ess" (grandma, grandpa, and Seth) through G-Chat. She thinks my computer is now her personal portal to family and friends.

Uncle Seth, Grandma and Grandpa talking to Miss Lillian. 

Thursday, we needed to get out of the apartment and so I finally took Lillian to the aquarium that is thankfully only about 3 blocks away. We ended up getting a year pass and I am thankful we have this so close to us because Lillian loves the Penguins!

Showing me the penguins.

While we were at the aquarium they were doing exploratory surgery on a Moray Eel. Lillian wasn't too into seeing a huge green slimy thing with a camera tube stuck down its throat so we walked on to other areas quickly. 

As we were walking around the aquarium we rounded a corner and this cute little penguin frightened Lillian so bad! Not sure why, but I put her baby doll next to it to show her that the penguin was nice. 

Thinking of starting a blog title "My Baby's Baby in Boston"

After Wednesday's long day inside the apartment due to rain, I decided I needed to get creative and find ways to entertain my little one without TV. I found some cool ideas and ordered some crafty stuff, but until they arrive I cut a small hole into the top of my boot shoe box and let Lillian figure out how to put her "colors" into the hole. As she put each crayon in I would say the color and we would clap. She loved it for about 15 minutes, which isn't too bad considering she is only barely 17 months and it was a "free" activity. 

Thinking about putting the crayon into the hole.

Once she figured it out, there was no stopping her!

Later we had to go grocery shopping and the little library is right next door to Whole Foods so we stopped so she could read and play.

 I love that she loves books!  

After a $90 shopping trip (YIKES) to Whole Paycheck we braved the elements and walked back to enjoy a potato samosa, falafel, Swedish meatball, sweet potatoes, and more for lunch. Whole Paycheck does have some nice quick things to grab for lunch.


  1. how come our facetime never works? =(

  2. Thanks for posting, cool to hear what's going on!

  3. Hey Naomi! Have you checked out yet? It's a great way to get groceries delivered to your front door... perfect for a messed up neck and no elevator on a cold Boston day. I highly recommend it! Hope you're back out and about soon!