Monday, April 2, 2012

It's been too long...

I am excited to finally write a new post about what I am starting with my almost 21 month old. Little Girl and I strive on having a set schedule and I haven't been doing very well at keeping up with her amazing ability to soak in everything that I teach her. She still amazes me daily :)

I found this site and decided I wanted to start Little Girl on the curriculum this week:

The blog says it is for ages 2-4, but she hasn't had any problem learning and repeating what I have taught her today. I really like this FREE :) online curriculum because it is simple and has a laid out plan of what to do with your little ones Monday through Friday. Every week we will be making a learning poster  which will include our weekly theme, shape/color, number, vocabulary word, letter, and nursery rhyme. This is our picture from today (so happy I found our cow puppet):

We had a blast crawling around the house after our cat and "mooing" like cows! Little Girl quickly learned her vocab word: calf and started calling me the "mommy cow" and so I called her the "baby calf."

I also wanted to incorporate some Sunday School style learning and so we spent some time reading her Baby Bible (might be buying a new one and I don't really like the current one we have), praying, watching some worship songs (we did this Hillsongs Playlist and danced around), and read and repeated our ABC Printable Scripture Card of the week.

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