Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lovin' My Laminator

I honestly did not think I would ever own a laminator? Can't you just take your stuff to Staples and have them do it? Well, you certainly could, but after deciding the cost vs benefit to owning a laminator I belive benefits won hands down! 

Thanks to my handy new tool I was able to snag from Amazon during a lightning deal for only $19.99 (price when I looked right now is only $27.25) I have decided that laminating is a craft that I enjoy. Not really sure if laminating on its own can be considered a craft, but it has been awesome at getting me to print stuff that I normally would have been hesitant to due to little girl's desire to rip/tear/crunch/etc any paper that I want her to keep nice. 

All that to say I was able to make some cool new activities for little girl that I hope she will enjoy when she wakes up (I mean when she wakes up tomorrow since she has been getting up about once a night again). 

Project #1:
A simple printable that can be used multiple ways... I am excited to just have some basic (almost free) numbers flascards since she can count to 10 and almost 20, but can't quite name the numbers by sight.

Project #2: 
We have those silly pom poms. Let's see if she wants to play this counting game.

Project #3:

This is an awesome printable that can be printed and cut out and used like flashcards but for actions. I already did some with little girl while I was laminating and she had a blast trying to "Make circles with your Ankle".
Thanks to TheHomeTeacher

The test comes tomorrow when we will see if little girl is ready to play/learn!

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