Monday, April 9, 2012

I'm a Craft Person?!?!

I have been enjoying teaching my little one with her weekly theme, vocabulary word, shape/color, number, letter, and Bible Verse. She has surprised me with her excitment with wanting to learn more and loves saying her "Ible Erse" (bible verse). 

This past Friday I received my package of felt that I ordered and made little girl her felt cupcakes and felt rainbow puzzle. 

The link to a felt cupcake tutorial (I did not use this one, but like it better than the one I used haha): 

Felt Rainbow "Puzzle": 
I made two copies of the template and used one to cut up as stencils for cutting the felt. The second template was printed off to be laminated (with my spiffy new laminator) and then cut out so little girl could practice putting the pieces on the rainbow.

The other crafty thing I did over the weekend made use of my new laminator. Strange that I am excited about a laminator... ah the life of a stay at home mom :)

I was able to laminate the ABC Scriptures, cut them up, and attach them with a ring. Little girl LOVES them and did a pretty good job learning her "A" verse: "As for me and my house. We will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15

I think I will like this new crafty side I am finding and enjoy playing and learning with my little one. Thank you Pinterest and Google :)

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