Monday, April 23, 2012

Meal Planning...

 Meal Planning for a short week:
Saturday Night- Saturday is the one night we eat out (had yummy Japanese food)

Sunday Breakfast- Mini German Pancakes from Real Mom Kitchen
*Healthier by using whole wheat flour
*Heated frozen fruit with a little organic syrup for topping. Yum!
*Bacon with coconut sugar baked
Lunch- Tuna Melts on whole wheat bagels 
*light tuna with light mayo and relish
*avocado and cheese over tuna on a bagel and then broiled.
* Pears for Little girl and I, orange for the Daddy
Dinner- Chicken Broccoli Cheese Pasta Bake from Sugar Free Mom
*followed recipe and the family loved it.
(Sunday Breakfast)

Monday Breakfast- Special K for me, leftover strawberry muffins for Daddy, Rice Krispies with fresh strawberries for Little Girl
Lunch- Crackers, cheese, almonds, cucumbers, Juice Plus+ Gummies (didn't feel like doing a "real lunch"). Little girl loved it!
Dinner- Leftovers from Sunday night (love not having to cook)

Tuesday Breakfast- Oatmeal with raisins, organic syrup, and organic milk
Lunch- Organic Mac n Cheese with Organic Mixed Veggies stirred in. Probably one of Little Girl's favorite meals as she always asks for "Peas and Carrots". Juice Plus+ Gummies and an Orange
Dinner- BBQ Pork Ribs
*Bought Pork Ribs at a good price a few weeks ago so I just throw them frozen covered in BBQ sauce in the crock pot for a few hours.
*Green Beans with garlic
*Brown Rice or home made biscuits... not sure yet.

Wednesday Breakfast- Special K for me and Rice Krispies with fresh strawberries for Little Girl
Lunch- Leftover Mac n Cheese from Tuesday's lunch and a Pear and Juice Plus+ Gummies
Dinner- Split Pea Soup
* Leftover from last week that I just froze.... easy meal that I simply have to thaw and serve :)

Thursday - Flying to Los Angeles
Breakfast- Making Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Squares 
Lunch- Bringing sausage, cheese, crackers, almonds, dried fruit and a cucumber or carrots
Snacks- Multi Grain Cheerios for Little girl and Pirate's Booty for all
Also, Bringing our Water Bobble to fill up at the water fountain once we get past security!

I am excited about eating at our favorite places in Los Angeles and not having to cook for a week. 

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