Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just Another Tuesday...

I haven't been very good at doing "crafty" things with Lillian (besides her birthday party, which I will post about later if I feel up to it) and I had a lot of energy for some reason yesterday so this was our day:

Lillian LOVES having her nails "pretty" so we started off with a little mommy/daughter mani/pedi. I soaked our feet and then gave both of us a foot scrub, even though she couldn't stop laughing because it tickled her little toes so much :) 

Next I apllied the color (fast drying kind) and decided to try some polish on her finger nails for the first time. Not sure about color on her finger nails, so we stuck with "sparkles". 

After our nails dried we got ready to head down to the pool at our apartment. I have never had a desire to live in a place that had a pool, but now that we have every day access to one I'm not sure I want to look at places in the future that don't have pools! 

I knew I would have a hard time getting my newly turned 2 year old to wait until her sunscreen dried and was on her for a little bit of time so I took some little paint sponges I got at Michael's for 7 cents and we painted with water in the shade. It was actually a lot of fun and little girl enjoyed it very much.

While swimming I decided to try something I saw on a blog some time ago (wish I remember which blog). You simply take dark construction paper and place whatever you want on it in the sun for a few hours and let the sun bleach the paper and like magic you get a cool piece of paper with whatever image you want.

After pool, lunch, and nap little girl got to play with her "construction paper puzzle" as I called it. I am starting to get her to say all her sounds along with the letters (A is aahh) and introducing "sight words". The first two words I thought of were THE and AND. She had fun putting the letters where they matched up.

Last, but not least, we did another fun activity I saw on a blog a long time ago (that I don't remember which haha) and decided to try it. Little girl knows all her ABCs and can recognize them and knows 1-20 almost perfectly and can recognize them, but for some reason colors were a little harder for her so I thought this game would be fun. 

You simply trace your child's little hand on felt (or really any colored paper) and cut out each tiny hand and then ask them to "high five" a color. She had fun smacking the hands and I am sure if we were on the floor it would not have been so fun for our neighbors so we played on the couch :)

I believe that about sums up our day yesterday and kinda sad that it looks like it's about to rain during little girl's nap because I really wanted to take her swimming agin.... maybe it won't last long. Awww Boston weather- how I am still baffled by thee. 

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