Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fisher Price House Party

House Party is a a site that gets products directly into the homes of consumers. All you have to do is apply to host a party and if you are selected you host the party and then share your experience.

I apply to host a House Party every so often depending on if I think I will really be excited about the product. Recently I had the opportunity to host a Fisher Price House Party and it was a blast! 
I have a 2 year old and almost 2 month old and love getting together with some mom friends from church and their little ones so Fisher Price was right up my alley.

When we first received the packaged I was a bit overwhelmed by the size! Over $300 worth of stuff was delivered to our apartment's office and I had to have my husband use a dolly to bring it up. I made the mistake of opening it up in front of my daughter and she was SOOO excited, but I explained we may not keep all the toys because we would be sharing with friends. 

This is my husband (and our 2 month old behind him) amazingly putting together the almost 2 feet tall Wheelies Loops 'n Swoops Amusement Park which retails for $45!

I displayed all the boxes to show our guests all the features of the products.

The awesome swag bags that were provided for everyone that included DVDs, CDs, Wheelies and savings!

Coloring books and snacks that included carrots, thin pretzels, homemade hummus, and popcorn.

The Servin' Surprises Barbecue Set which retails for $15. 

 Ice Cream Party Set that retails for $15.

Playing with the awesome toys.

Little People Princess Songs Palace that retails for $50.
It also came with two sets of "princesses" that retail for $7 each.

Servin' Surprises Kitchen & Table that retails for $80! 

The girls enjoyed the boxes almost as much as the toys!

As the host I was able to keep ALL the toys, but I chose to give most of them away to our friends and bless them. 

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