Friday, October 19, 2012

BIC Mark-It Permanent Markers Review

Thanks to Smiley360 I was able to try out this 36 count pack of BIC Mark-It™ Permanent Markers:

I was generously given this big pack of markers along with some fun crafty things to decorate a witch hat (we ended up making it a regular hat by pulling the pointy part down). 

My little one playing with the spiders that were sent along with the cool hat. She ended up trying to glue them to her paper with no success, but enjoyed singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" over and over. 

I tried for fun writing with the markers on the hat and you can barely make out some letters... it was worth a shot.

This is the sushi costume we made a few years ago for our oldest daughter and now our younger little girl will be wearing it this year. I added some new "fish lines" to the salmon with the markers and it came out nicely. 

I really wanted to use the markers to make some baby food jars into cute little pumpkins, but out of the whole 36 pack there was no orange color :(    UPDATE: I am a silly lady and found a color that is orange, but had to actually write with it to see that it was indeed orange... shouldn't it be easy to see that it is orange?
So, just for fun I tried making them red for Christmas and this is after the first coat:

Overall, I really enjoyed using the markers because the smell wasn't very strong (which is a big issue for me) and they were able to be used on multiple surfaces. Too bad some basic colors like ORANGE were left out.

I received a 36-Pack of BIC Mark-It Permanent Markers for FREE from Smiley360.

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