Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Officially Potty Training my 22 month old

I have been putting my little girl on her potty since she was around 17 months old, but knew she wasn't 100% ready to officially begin training until more recently. 
Currently it is raining outside and that is one of the reasons I decided that this week would be the perfect week to stay home and get her trained. 

The first thing I did was decide how I wanted to train her. 
I originally was using stickers as a reward for when she went in her potty, but decided that for this week I would use mini M&Ms. 
We don't eat candy in our house often and I even stopped using sugar when I bake, so choosing to use M&Ms was not something I decided on a whim. 

Little girl gets one tiny mini M&M for peeing and 2 for pooing, which is the smallest amount of chocolate possible! 
She is very proud of herself when she uses her potty and gets so excited for her "chocalit"! 

I ordered her 12 pairs of Fruit of the Loom panties from Amazon and 

Waterproof Vinyl Diaper Pants to go over the panties when we go out of the house. 

She has been waking up dry 6 out of the past 7 nights and even gets up at night to go to the bathroom and both today and yesterday she woke up with her underwear dry and ready to go to her potty.

Day 1:
5 Panty Changes
4 due to starting to go potty and then stopping herself to finish in her toilet 
1 plain old accident

Not too bad.

Day 2:
She is just waking from her nap and has only had one accident today! When I was in the shower she frightened me because she is usually really good and sits and plays on the iPad until I finish my shower, but today when I looked she wasn't in the room. I called her name a few times as I quickly dried off and she came running in saying "pee pee" and she had no panties on. When I went to her potty she had gone poo all by herself complete with taking off her panties! 

If things continue this way I will be one happy diaper free momma for about 2 months before baby girl #2 arrives haha

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