Sunday, May 20, 2012

When I'm Pregnant and Have Energy...

For some odd reason I had an amazing amount of energy last Monday and Tuesday. So.... what do you do when you are 7 1/2 months pregnant and have energy to spare??? 

This is what I did Monday:

Saturday evening my husband decided to walk into a farmer's market and see what he could get with $2. He walked out with THREE cantaloupes. Thanks hubby, but how are we going to eat 3 very ripe melons? We ate one Sunday for breakfast and I cut up the other two to freeze. (and yes, those are my daughter's toes almost in the sink)

Next, I put a whole chicken I got on sale in the crock pot to cook for about 7 hours on low. 

After the chicken comes some sweet potatoes that were going to go bad unless I did something with them. I boiled, mashed, and then placed them in the freezer for an easy dinner side in the future weeks. 

I then grated and squeezed all the water out of about 2 zucchinis for Zucchini Tots, which are loved by little girl. 

After the chicken was done cooking I started to shred it and put together Low Carb Enchiladas. I realized I rarely follow recipes to a T and this was no exception. I used fresh tomatoes, black beans, and topped it with olives. I also split the recipe into two smaller containers so we could eat one for dinner and freeze one to use at a later time. 

The frozen Enchiladas. I wrapped in plastic and then froze for two hours before placing into a ziploc freezer bag. This allows the food to be the perfect size to plop back in the baking dish later and doesn't take up a lot of space in my freezer which equals a WIN in my book. 

The leftover shredded chicken and the chicken "parts" left in the crock pot with carrots, celery, and water to make broth.

What I did Tuesday:

After cooking the broth on low all night it was ready to be strained and then put into individual 2 cup portions in ziploc freezer bags to be used some other time. I waited until the broth cooled and then placed the ziploc bag into a cup and used a ladle to fill up the bag. Easy, cheap, home made broth!

While I was preparing the broth I also cooked up all the organic brown rice I had in my pantry. I needed some for a recipe I made Tuesday night, but also wanted to have some easier to access when I felt like using rice. I cooked the rice and then put it into 2 cup portion sizes while the rice was still warm to trap some moisture. Once I want to reheat the rice from the freezer all I have to do is take it out and microwave it for some "instant" organic brown rice. 

After a long week of rain and watching mommy cook and freeze food Friday was the perfect day to head to the park. Can you tell she loved it?!?! 

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