Tuesday, May 22, 2012

5/20 Meal Plan

A little late getting this up, but I have had it in a rough form in a word doc so now it will officially be on the web...

B- Banana Bread and apple slices
L- Hubby had a hot dog, little girl had turkey and cheese slices, and I had a quesadilla that I dipped in avocado hummus
D- Low Carb Enchiladas that I prepped and froze on 5/14

B- Cereal
L- turkey, cheese, apple, carrots and almonds
D- Leftover ham (from Easter!), brown rice that I froze last week, organic mixed frozen veggies, cut up fresh pineapple, and a little soy sauce all mixed together

B- Cereal
L- Quesadilla, plain yogurt, avocado, and pear
D- Mini Pot Pies- I used a my own version by making my own bisquick with whole wheat flour (as seen  on Around My Family Table's site)- These turned out REALLY good!

B- Banana Bread
L- leftover Mini Pot Pies, apple
D- Slow cooked Ribs, twice baked potatoes (trial run for next week when I attempt to make a big batch to freeze), and green beans

B- Oatmeal
L- turkey, cheese, pear
D- Slow Cooker Lentil Soup with the last bit of frozen ham from Easter

B- cereal
L- No idea haha
D- Sausage and Brown rice casserole prepped and frozen last week

B- French Toast?
L- tuna melts (didn't make them last week)
D- Probably going out (our once a week allotment haha)

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